How To Order?


How To Order? 

1. Choose a product and add it to cart. (You can do this in many ways)

    a. Through the Menu bar



    b. Through the homepage product links


    c. Through the products page



2. Checkout or review your cart.



3. Choose a checkout option.


4. Choose a Shipping Method and Payment Method.


5. Apply Vouchers and/or Coupons. Review Checkout and Payment details.


6. Check the Privacy Policy and Confirm Order.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to use my Coupon and Voucher ?

You can use it in the checkout page or the view cart page.

2. Where is your store?

We only operate online, but you can visit our inventory in Ortigas. Check out our available shapes and sizes then place your order. You'll be able to find a "Pick Up" option. Then we'll send our exact address.

3. I don't want it shipped, can I see the item first?

Yes you can. There is an image of the product available on the site but if you want to physically see the product, we have a pick up option available. Simply place your order, check out and put "For Pick Up" in your address field. We'll reply with our address.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?

There's no minimum quantity for those that are already in the site. If it's in the site, it means we already have it on hand. You can order even just one piece. We have separated shipping costs from your order cost to give you this ability.

5. I paid for an order but cancelled it, Can it be refunded?

If it's already been sent out, we cannot refund it anymore. Better contact <contact>if you have already paid but wish to cancel.