GSM Modem Drivers

Due to the ever-advancing landscape of technology, and in response to more greener initiatives, we are not issuing CDs with the GSM Modems anymore. You can download the drivers below, depending on the type of GSM modem you purchased.

Please also take note that not all systems require a driver, for some the modems work as plug-and-play.

Modem TypeDriver Download

Single-Port GSM Modem

Special note: the modem shouldn't be connected while installing the driver.

Restart after installation.



Old 4-Port GSM Modem (blue button)

Up to 64-Port


New 8-Port GSM Modem - M35 or Wavecom Q2406B Module

Up to 64-Port


Find the XR21V1414 version

AT Commands


If somehow your modem is not sending out an SMS, do know that there are multiple factors that can affect it, factors being the following:

GSM Modem
All GSM modems go through 2 testing tranches before shipment - 1) It has been tested thoroughly in the factory and 2) in our office using Windows 10, and SMS Deliverer as our software. So we're 100% sure the modem is working before it arrives at your doorstep.

The purpose of the driver is for your machine to (1) recognize and (2) talk to the GSM Modem via AT commands.

1. To check if your machine recognizes the GSM Modem, check Device Manager for the COM Ports. If it's there, it's recognized.
2. Next we test if your machine can execute the AT commands. All software programs execute these AT commands so if this test runs successfully then it would be the software that's problematic.

a. Download Putty from this site
b. Open Putty
c. Under Session > Choose serial, speed write 115200

d. Type "AT" on Open and press Enter 

Finally, the software is out of our scope but you may contact your software provider about it.

Our GSM Modems have been tested with the following software: SMSDeliverer, SMSCaster, InfoTxt.